Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Further East Chapter 1 page 2

Here is the climax of the first chapter.  Two of our protagonists fight off the monster that attacked their camp sight.  I must say that I really like the third panel I think its my favorite so far.  Stay tuned next week for the resolution chapter one.

Sorry that for a little while there was a really poor quality page up.  I had run into some technical difficulties but figured it all out now.


  1. On the second to last panel (with the slicing), you might want to put a white line around the overlapping edges of the tentacle to further emphasize the clean cut. The black pieces touching can make it feel like the tentacle is still whole.

  2. That was something that crossed my mind while I was inking it. I however stupidly forgot to fix that in photoshop before putting it online. Thanks for reminding me bro.